Manage your institution with ease

One may edify another

Create accounts for your administrators, staff and students

Add custom attributes to your accounts, courses and classes, so they are unique to your institution

Create your own assessments and courses for your institution

Create timelines that can track a set of classes for a certain period of time

Create time tables that are convenient to your institution

Create classes for a specific timeline

Manage members of the classes

Manage time table slots for the classes

Manage institution members for the classes

Class members & institution members can view their own time table for a specifc timeline for easy tracking for their classes 

Create administrative and institutional roles with different privileges and assign them to users across your institution

Staff can view their classes and perform different operations on them

Take attendance easily

Mark assessments for classes and publish them when needed

Design your own grading structure and publish grades at the end of a timeline

Students can view their attendance, assessments, grades and their academic history

Bulk generate class wise or student wise attendance reports, assessment reports, grade sheets and academic history reports in XLSX or PDF formats with one click of button